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All that remains



Now in an advanced state of decay and due to be demolished very soon, this is all that remains of the harbour station at Folkestone, UK. It used to connect the boat trains to Europe (including the Orient Express) and played a significant role during the second world war, transporting troops across the channel to France. These historic connections are sadly not enough to preserve the site and is soon to be lost to history to make way for a new marina development.

There was no special access needed to get these two shots, I just took then through the surrounding fence.

Processed in Topaz B&W Effects and Lightroom 5.

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View from Dinefwr

View from Dinefwr

A wonderful view of the Welsh countryside taken on an unexpected trip to Dinefwr castle. Unexpected because we had stopped to visit friends who recently moved to a town nearby and  suggested we visit the grounds for the afternoon. Dinefwr park and castle is situated near the town of Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales. The picture here was taken standing at the top of one of the towers looking across the park toward Newton house (top left). The wind was blowing a gale and keeping the camera steady was a real struggle, however due to the time of day the shutter speed was easily fast enough to eliminate any chance of camera shake. I took a series of shots but had to wait a short while before the clouds moved into the right place for the sun to light up the house.

Fuji X10, 3 exposures bracketed +/-1EV. Processed in Photomatix and Lightroom 5.