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Twenty minutes


‘At rest’

More pics below.

Grabbed a quick twenty minutes photography after dropping my wife at the train station.

The light looked really promising, there way no way I was going to miss it.

I headed straight for Hastings old town and the beach where the fishing fleet resides. Light changes fast, there was no time to lose.

Grabbed my trusty little Fuji X10, my carry everywhere camera, and went about snapping as fast as I could getting the best compositions I could find.

Twenty minutes later and the best of the light gone, I headed back home to sort out the kids for school.

Posted one for Images not Words, below are the best of the rest.


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The painter


‘The painter’

Went on a day trip to France for my birthday this past Thursday.

Had a lovely three course lunch in a little restaurant in Boulogne-sur-mer old town.

Took a small amount of pics wandering around the streets, ending up with one or two I’m reasonably happy with.

The streets were as quiet as his painting suggests.