Saturday street walk


(7 pictures)

Went for a long walk around town yesterday with the camera to do a bit of photography. Took the slr and a couple of lenses instead of taking my trusty  compact Fuji for a change, but ended up just using my 18-50mm f2.8  set at f4 for the whole shoot. Definitely my favourite aperture currently for street photography with this lens.


Loved this chap in the hat. For a brief moment he seemed to fit in perfectly with the background. Looks like it could’ve been taken 50 years ago.


The great part about walking the backstreets in a town steeped in so much history, is that you can find areas that give you the feeling of having stepped back in time. Albeit for the briefest of moments.


Of course there’s always the odd element that spoil that nostalgic moment.






A fine walk and some shots I’m pleased with too.


More shots from this week

As usual, getting out most days to get something for my daily photo means I end up with a few more that I don’t put up. So here is another weekly catch up post.

A number of these shots were taken while walking off the beaten track. I often prefer to walk around the back and side streets as I currently find them more interesting.

The graffiti shot of the baby with the digger can be found along the beach at St.Leonards-on-sea, right were the Banksy Tesco piece is.

I’ve definitely been more obsessed with grungy street scenes of late but I wouldn’t mind getting out to do some landscape stuff again. We’ll have to see if I can muster the energy to get out early.