A few candids

We took a trip to London to see Charlie and the chocolate factory at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane yesterday. The show was outstanding and I’d definitely recommend catching it before it moves to New York next year.

Of course a trip to London would not be complete without me trying a bit of street candid photography. The weather was not as good as we had hoped for, so light levels were low and forced me to use much higher iso levels than I’d usually prefer.

These pics are fast paced grab shots whilst walking from one location to another, so have a bit more of a fluid feel. I’m not adverse to to a bit of motion blur however.


Street ramble 16.7

Shots taken in and around Hastings yesterday.

It was a beautiful hot sunny day (about time) and I did a lot of walking. Though the good weather brought many people into town, there wasn’t a huge amount of things that caught my interest.

Still, it was a pleasant afternoons walk which yielded a few nice shots, sore toes and slightly sunburned calves.

More sunblock next time.



Street ramble 10.7

A small collection of shots taken this weekend.

I seem to have shifted my focus to almost exclusively shoot street/urban areas. While my 366 project has forced me to look for things a lot closer to home, the street is definitely where my interest has shifted towards these past few years, causing my landscape work to take a backseat.  Perhaps I’ll get back to including some landscape work come the autumn.