Picture window


‘Picture window’

This is Pat’s Diner, located near Warrior Square railway station St Leonards-on-sea. It has changed somewhat since the last time I photographed this place.

Below is the previous shot, taken using a Hasselblad 500cm.

As you can kind of see, it’s now a little more cluttered but interesting to shoot nonetheless.



Dirty old town


‘Dirty Old Town’

Been having a good ol’ wander around the old town, Hastings this past week. Lots of things to pick out and photograph.


‘Step through time’

Had a nose around the Zoom arts group exhibition, held at the Stade Hall. Definitely worth popping along to. Lots of differing styles and media on display that make it a really interesting view.



Did a bit of candid stuff but on this occasion it didn’t yield too much.



Lots of interesting bit and bobs in antique shop windows too.



That’s all for now…


Lola’s ghost

Lola’s ghost (7 Images)

I took a brief wander around a few streets earlier today and came across this little gem. A decaying independent ice cream van!

This is my kind of heaven, photographically speaking.

Unfortunately I could not get a head on shot as there was a car parked right in front, just inches away. Not much to see on the inside either as it’s filled to the brim with crap.

Oh, and if you were thinking of looking up the web address seen on the rear of the van, don’t bother. It’s a long gone site that is currently occupied by a placeholder with porn links! Such a shame.

Gone but no longer forgotten.


This week

With my mind constantly focused on getting a shot each day for my ‘Images not words’ 366 project, I do sometimes come away with other pictures that I’m quite happy with too.

Being mostly random in theme, I don’t feel they’re always worth posting separately.

So you might say that this is kind of a “best of the rest” themed post. A handful of images taken around the area of Hastings and St.Leonards-on-sea.

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Rainy China town

Took a trip to London Yesterday for our son’s 13th birthday. The years seem to fly by.

Visited the museum of childhood in Bethnal Green, then headed to China town for a fab evening meal.

The heavens opened.

My camera gear isn’t waterproof but I wasn’t going to let that deter me from grabbing a few shots.

Dried off my camera with a paper tissue and all is fine.