Lola’s ghost

Lola’s ghost (7 Images)

I took a brief wander around a few streets earlier today and came across this little gem. A decaying independent ice cream van!

This is my kind of heaven, photographically speaking.

Unfortunately I could not get a head on shot as there was a car parked right in front, just inches away. Not much to see on the inside either as it’s filled to the brim with crap.

Oh, and if you were thinking of looking up the web address seen on the rear of the van, don’t bother. It’s a long gone site that is currently occupied by a placeholder with porn links! Such a shame.

Gone but no longer forgotten.

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Texture and Light


Texture and Light.

Processed in Lightroom 5.7

I met up with my friend Dan again for a brief explore around old abandoned building fairly local to us. The whole place has been both bricked and boarded up but we found one remaining access point that gave us easy entry. Lights were needed to move around the place on all of the floors except for at the very top, where the only light available was shining through the holes in the roof. The light outside was still pretty dull at this point so we decided to start shooting using our torches and my LED panel. However, as soon as it became bright enough outside, the feel of the building had completely changed. At this point we continued to shoot using only the ambient light. I think we both came away pretty pleased with our results.

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