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Pigeon Post

Pigeon post

Got up early and went out for what ended up being a four hour walk with the camera around Hastings today. Didn’t take as many shots as last week but still think I got a few I’m pleased with. Noticed this tucked away up on the west hill.

Processed in Topaz B&W Effects 2 and Lightroom 5.3.

Hope you’ve all had a pleasant weekend.

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Dozer Detail

If you head down to Hastings old town and down onto the beach you will come across Hastings fishing fleet. Comprising around 25 boats Hastings has the largest beach-launched fleet in Britain, with the boats being towed in and out of the water by Bulldozers. There are quite a number of them spread over the site, all looking well used and rather forlorn due to the seawater eating its way through the metalwork.

I managed to grab a few half decent shots on my recent trip with the local camera club, and although it was dark there were plenty of floodlights to work with. However; tripods, remote shutter or cable releases were needed, with many exposures taking up to 60 seconds, as one would expect doing night photography.

The light proved to be too poor to get any shots of the boats that I was happy with, so I’ll have to make a return visit on another occasion when there is still some natural light in the sky. Perhaps a trip early one morning will give me an opportunity to see the fleet in action.