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Infinity path


Infinity Path

Shot on Hasselblad 500c, Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm f2.8, Ilford FP4.

This is the last shot that came out of the Hasselblad before the curtain got too cold and stuck. I had to letterbox this frame as the curtain had only partially opened, leaving the top and bottom of the negative unexposed.

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Prelude to happiness

Prelude to happiness

Prelude to happiness.

Shot on Hasselblad 500c. Film; Ilford FP4. Developed by and scanned by my good friend Dan Smith.

Met up with my mate Dan to take the Hassleblad 500c out for a test drive yesterday morning. I have the camera on loan to get some use out of it as it hasn’t been used in quite some time. It was a bit hit and miss as I think that due to lack of use there are a couple of issues with at least one of the backs (did’t always wind the film on) and a number of shots didn’t come out. This could be down to poor metering on my part or maybe the shutter not firing correctly. I think that it’s just a case of putting more rolls of film through it to loosen up all the components. I still got a couple of shots I like, however,(this being one of them) and I’m quite fond how the light is shining across the front of the lens.