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Prelude to happiness

Prelude to happiness

Prelude to happiness.

Shot on Hasselblad 500c. Film; Ilford FP4. Developed by and scanned by my good friend Dan Smith.

Met up with my mate Dan to take the Hassleblad 500c out for a test drive yesterday morning. I have the camera on loan to get some use out of it as it hasn’t been used in quite some time. It was a bit hit and miss as I think that due to lack of use there are a couple of issues with at least one of the backs (did’t always wind the film on) and a number of shots didn’t come out. This could be down to poor metering on my part or maybe the shutter not firing correctly. I think that it’s just a case of putting more rolls of film through it to loosen up all the components. I still got a couple of shots I like, however,(this being one of them) and I’m quite fond how the light is shining across the front of the lens.