On the beach

A small collection of shots taken on the beaches of Hastings, St.Leonards and Cooden are starting to build up in my library. These have all been taken over the last few weeks.

Rather than posting each one separately, I think it best to group similar shots together. Exceptions only if I think something stands out from the rest.


Street ramble 16.7

Shots taken in and around Hastings yesterday.

It was a beautiful hot sunny day (about time) and I did a lot of walking. Though the good weather brought many people into town, there wasn’t a huge amount of things that caught my interest.

Still, it was a pleasant afternoons walk which yielded a few nice shots, sore toes and slightly sunburned calves.

More sunblock next time.



Street ramble 10.7

A small collection of shots taken this weekend.

I seem to have shifted my focus to almost exclusively shoot street/urban areas. While my 366 project has forced me to look for things a lot closer to home, the street is definitely where my interest has shifted towards these past few years, causing my landscape work to take a backseat.  Perhaps I’ll get back to including some landscape work come the autumn.


A few more

Once again I’ve had a quick sift through some shots taken over the past week or so.

Here are a handful I quite like that slipped through the net.

We’ve had mostly reasonably dry weather lately which has enabled me to take the opportunity to get out and about much more.

It’s not so nice today though, with constant rain pouring down all morning. Hopefully there will be a break in the drizzle later so I can get out to grab something for today’s ‘Images not words’ shot.