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Traveller’s rest

Traveller's rest

Morris Minor Traveller of course.

One of three old forgotten classic cars all sitting neatly in a row just on the outskirts of Hastings town centre. This is the third or fourth time I’ve visited these, leaving a few months in between to see how much further they have deteriorated.

Processed using Topaz B&W Effects 2 and Lightroom 5. B&W Effects has a Transparency slider which lets you reveal some of the original colour, which for this image I felt would give a more forlorn look and feel.

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Future echo?

Things to come?

Taken during our time away in Northumberland.

We passed this service station on a drive towards the Scottish border. A closer view of the cafe can be seen here.

Will dwindling resources and changes in technology lead to more scenes like this? One day for sure I believe (hopefully not in a Mad Max sort of way though).

Processed using onOne perfect effects 8, Topaz B&W Effects 2 and Lightroom 5.

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Last cafe

Last Cafe

This used to be the last cafe between the English and Scottish border in Northumberland. Since it’s closure, the last cafe is now a couple of miles further back up the road. I bet their sign went up pretty darn quick following this place’s demise.

No filters, processed in Photomatix Pro, Topaz B&W Effect2 and Lightroom 5.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Pett Level Pill box revisit

Having set off from a successful shoot at Winchelsea beach I headed back towards Pett level and decided to make a return visit to the WW2 pill box. I had made a short visit here earlier in the year but only took a few pics of the pill box itself. The old magazine and gun emplacement still exists and can be found about 20 yards down to the left and it was here that I wanted to get a better look at this time.

As you walk across you can see the concrete roof and this walled trench linking one part to another. Moving down a little further reveals the entrance and steps down into the main areas where access is very easy indeed. The main thing I found was how dark it was in side the main room, taking me a good few minutes for my eyes to adjust.

As you can see by all the tagging there have been many visitors down here over the years. The exposures needed to get the shots from inside this room were quite long, ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes to get the brackets needed to make the HDR image you see here.

As you move on from the room pictures above you enter into the magazine area and then through towards the trench you can see from the second picture taken from up top. A you walk through there are two more small rooms/storage areas to your right and then straight ahead is a partial ladder which gets you back up top…Well at least it used to; this and a couple of other holes have been covered over with metal grates presumably to stop people falling down after dark.

There’s a fair amount of tagging covering the walls of this place, unfortunately nothing of any note.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little visit, thanks for looking.