Mist at Bodiam

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Heading home on a cold clear Friday night, I thought there would be a good chance of mist the next morning. So, alarm set for 6am I set out for Bodiam castle. The weather didn’t disappoint.

I arrived while it was still relatively dark, so I set up the camera and tripod using the light from the car boot before trundling off toward the castle.

Though my main focus was to capture any mist coming off the moat, I did stop to take one or two shots looking out across the fields.

 I decided to use the foliage to frame my a lot of my shots, as the sky, looking from the south east corner,  was pretty plain. It wasn’t until I walked round to the north west corner, that the sky proved to be a little more dramatic (once the sun had started to rise above the layer of mist). It was here that I bumped into another photographer, who I had a nice chat with as we snapped away.

All shots were taken at 10mm (crop sensor) and filtered with a 3 stop ND grad. (See phone snap below)


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Kielder Water.

Taken August last year during our trip to Nothumberland.

There was some lovely low cloud hanging over Kielder water the day we visited, the light however was just a little too flat for my liking and I struggled a bit to get something that I really liked. This was one of the better ones.

Processed in Lightroom 5.3

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Fire and Water

Fire and water

Bexhill beach.

I love how intense the colour in the sky became just minutes before the Sun rose above the horizon. I quickly moved my position to the waters edge and zoomed in to showcase the magnificent colours. In as quick as a flash they were gone.

When photographic on the beach, always wear a pair of wellies. You may look silly but you don’t have to worry about where you’re putting your feet.

Processed in Lightroom 5.3

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Last cafe

Last Cafe

This used to be the last cafe between the English and Scottish border in Northumberland. Since it’s closure, the last cafe is now a couple of miles further back up the road. I bet their sign went up pretty darn quick following this place’s demise.

No filters, processed in Photomatix Pro, Topaz B&W Effect2 and Lightroom 5.

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