Les Vacances De Monsieur Wares

So as you may have guessed from the title, my family and I took a week long trip to Normandy, northern France, renting a cottage in the sleepy village of Lonlay l’Abbaye. Using this as a base we traveled out most days, taking in as much of the surrounding area as possible.

The scenery was fantastic as one might imagine, from rolling fields of corn and maize, to old rustic and often run down buildings. Right up my street.

The pictures above are my favourites from the shots I took for myself, when not grabbing snaps of the family. I’ve decided to leave them mixed up rather than separate them into different locations, as quite frankly I can’t be arsed, hehe.  A good proportion were taken wandering through various back and side streets as I am want to do. The places we visited are as follows: Lonlay l’Abbaye, Honfleur, Granville, Bayeux, Alencon, Bagnoles-de-l’Orne, Domfont and a couple of impromptu stops along the way.

À la prochaine


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The painter


‘The painter’

Went on a day trip to France for my birthday this past Thursday.

Had a lovely three course lunch in a little restaurant in Boulogne-sur-mer old town.

Took a small amount of pics wandering around the streets, ending up with one or two I’m reasonably happy with.

The streets were as quiet as his painting suggests.

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Mono Monday-Invisible


A common sight in parts of southern France, these women seem almost to be on every street. Much like the young girl that I posted a while back, it is a sad reality that most of us give these people a wide birth with not so much as a second glance. Yet we all notice them, certainly enough to distance ourselves as we pass by, looking forward as if there was no-one there at all.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Mono Monday

Title: ‘Nobody hears’

So this is my second idea to keep me doing something on a regular basis. Seeing many other photographers coming up with specific themes to post on a particular day I thought why not do the same thing. So here I am with Mono Monday. The only rule I’m placing on myself is that I post one picture every Monday in mono, It doesn’t necessarily have to be black and white, it could be sepia or indeed any colour so long at it only has ranges of light to darks within that colour. The picture doesn’t have to be new either, in fact I’ve copped out on today’s picture as it’s one I did a while back, but hey, I’ve just had this idea. The aim is simply to get me to see more things with a mono mindset.

The reason I’m doing this is quite simple; I love looking at black and white images yet I do not do enough of them.

Stripping the colour out of a scene can do a couple of things; Firstly it simplifies a picture getting rid of what could be distracting elements, for example something that is bright red but behind the subject you are focusing on will no doubt lead your eye away from the main subject. Secondly it can add mood and drama. Take the image above; Taken on the streets of St tropez, a very affluent part of society, this poor girl no doubt has to beg on the streets day after day to survive. To me colour can represent happiness and there certainly is no colour in her life, so I took it out to make the scene more powerful and one that perhaps represents her plight more accurately.

With some clever use of dodging and burning to lighten and darken areas within a picture you can carefully mould a photograph to show something in the way you felt whilst taking. I recommend everyone take a look at the work of Ansel Adams, a true master of black and white photography, and look at his ability to shape a picture to how he wanted it rather that just transferring what was on the film to paper. But don’t just stop at Ansel, there are many other great photographers to look at and take inspiration from, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Diane Arbus and Brassai to name but a few.

Lets hope I can keep this up. 😉