A few candids

We took a trip to London to see Charlie and the chocolate factory at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane yesterday. The show was outstanding and I’d definitely recommend catching it before it moves to New York next year.

Of course a trip to London would not be complete without me trying a bit of street candid photography. The weather was not as good as we had hoped for, so light levels were low and forced me to use much higher iso levels than I’d usually prefer.

These pics are fast paced grab shots whilst walking from one location to another, so have a bit more of a fluid feel. I’m not adverse to to a bit of motion blur however.


A few candids


Candid photography is far from being a speciality of mine (if I indeed have a speciality) but walking the streets observing and capturing people going about their day is something I find myself having a go at more and more lately.

It’s certainly a confidence builder.


I do like it when you see someone completely immersed in their thoughts or activity. Much easier for the photographer too.


I find it good to try out on folks reading at cafe’s or sitting on benches. You’re usually less likely to get noticed, though the resulting pictures can sometimes be less interesting.


Plenty more practice needed I think.


A nose around Hastings pier

After a long period of fundraising and hard work, Hastings pier re-opened to the public earlier this week, just in time for the holiday weekend and Hastings annual Jack in the green celebrations.

We popped on there earlier today to have a nose around and of course,to do a bit of photography. Got a few candid shots I’m pleased with too.

For more info go to or just get yourself down there to take a look. It’s bank holiday weekend, so no excuses!

Btw, if like me you’re into good coffee, then it’s definitely worth grabbing a cup at Billycan coffee. Situated on the left and serving coffee by Union Hand roasted. Nice!