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Last Catch (of 2014)


It’s been a little while since I was last out with the camera but this morning I had just enough time to pop down to the beach for sunrise. This fishing boat returned shortly after I arrived and while setting up my camera. ND8 grad filter, processed in Lightroom 5.7.

I was lucky enough to receive some photographic accessories for Christmas, one of them being a new Cokin Z Pro neutral density grad kit from my wife. The kit comes with a holder, a nice case and three ND Grads; ND2, ND4 and ND8. I also got a 77mm adapter ring to attach it to my 10-20mm Sigma (I’ve just ordered a 72mm ring as well). So this morning I decided to take the opportunity to get out and put it to good use.

Even though Z pro filters are 100mm wide, when using my ultra wide zoom lens at 10mm you can still see the edges of the holder (with two slots in place). However, you are able to take the Z pro holder apart to add or remove the slots the filters fit into. Luckily I had tested this before setting out. For use on a 10-20mm lens when set at 10mm, you can only set up the holder to have one filter slot in place.  This is not a problem really though as I like to have as few filters in front of the lens as possible and having the ND8 means there is no need to stack. The only time it would be a bit inconvenient is if you wanted to use both a full ND filter and a grad at the same time. Remember that this is only at the 10mm end and as soon as you get past about 12mm vignetting is no longer a problem when two filter slots are used. As a side note, the unused part of the holder must be moved to the back so that the screws are shortened. (See pic below)

Although the sky was a bit bland I am still happy with a few of the shots I returned with and it was a good exercise for getting used the new filter system.


Thanks to everyone who has visited, liked and commented on my blog this year. I hope you’ve all had a great 2014 and all the best for 2015.

Happy New Year!

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