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Went on a bit of an explore this morning and found some stunning pieces of graffiti.

This wall was vast, far too long for my lens to fit it all in one shot. So I decided to try to do a panorama stitch, only instead of staying in one spot and panning the camera around, I shuffled from one side of the room to the other. It would be a hit and miss idea as there was no accurate measuring out, it was all done with a bit of guess work and luck.

The resulting shot was created by stitching five photos together using Photoshop Elements 9. Additional work was done to tweak warp and perspective and then the image was further cropped to tidy up around the edges. I then styled the image by running it through Topaz B&W Effects 2 and Lightroom 5.3.

Pretty pleased with how this turned out considering the low tech approach.

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