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Art Alley

‘Art Alley’ HDR 3exp +/-2EV ISO200 Sigma18-50mm EX f2.8. Photomatix, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements used.

Another shot from round the back of the public library, only this time taken further back. A fair bit has gone into working on this one, mainly in terms of desaturating all of the brickwork and then bringing the colours back into the graffiti. Another thing I chose to do was to correct the perspective as my low camera position and wide angle led to some converging verticals, a process easily done in Photoshop using the transform tool.

On another note; the Holga Nikon mount lens I ordered last Friday has been delayed due to to an ‘unexpected amount of orders’ . Hopefully it won’t be too long before I receive it, I’ll think I’ll do a mini review. A perfect excuse to get out with the camera.


4 thoughts on “Art Alley”

  1. Nice leading lines and curves. Your eyes start with the big graffiti panels then drift down the alley and are left wondering what’s down those shadows.

  2. nice one Dave – I think you’ve posted a few from this location before – be good to get back there and see what’s changed.
    The processing is spot on – like how you’ve done the de-sat a lot.

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