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Does it Offend You Yeah @ Coalition Brighton

Due to a stroke of luck my wife and I were invited along to see Does it Offend You Yeah at the Brighton Coalition venue this past Sunday. Bass player Chloe (pictured below), used our son for some of their own pictures that are being used on their upcoming CD and asked if we would like to come along and see them in action. We of course jumped at the chance and a chance to use my camera immediately sprung to mind.

Shooting using only the stage lighting was going to be a challenge as essentially I would have to be constantly rearranging my composition and pressing the shutter when the lights were up. As you can imagine this was very hit and miss as a fair number of times I would trip the shutter just as the lighting dropped. There was a fair amount of strobe lighting in their set too which sent my autofocus up the wall.

After doing a bunch of shots of the two support bands (I’ll show in another post) I decided the best srtategy was to set the camera to Manual at ISO800 1/60thsec at f2.8, I found that this seemed to give a good balance between exposure and keeping motion blur to a minimum. Pretty much all the shots I did that evening were on this setting, allowing me to concentrate on capturing the moment.

Shooting with a higher ISO meant I would get a fair amount of noise and with this in mind I knew black and white was a good way to go to use the noise to my advantage; I’ve always had a soft spot for grainy back and white photos. 🙂

Just a hint of colour in the shot of frontman James (above) using the Coldtone preset in Lightroom to accentuate the mood of the moment captured.

These are just a few of my favourites from the evening, hope you enjoyed them. Just a couple more below with one being colour for good measure.

Thanks for viewing. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Does it Offend You Yeah @ Coalition Brighton”

  1. Awesome set, Dave! I’d love to get the opportunity to do something like this. Thanks for sharing your settings as well, might come in useful someday…

  2. Good work and given that you’ve not done this before good results.
    Since I’ve been interested in photography I pay attention the the photographers at a gig and would probably agree that they have their camera setup on manual from the outset, doing just as you did concentrating on the framing.
    I can also confirm that the pros generally do a massive amount of shots as the only get 3 songs.

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