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Meet Curt, a cool local chap who’s never stopped doing what he loves. Skateboarding. Still going strong at the age of 50, he’s an inspiration to us all.

My friend Dan and I came across Curt while making our way back to our cars after a photowalk around Bexhill town. We asked politely if he minded us taking a few pics and he was more than happy for us to do so. I’m not entirely happy with what I ended up with but it’s definitely not the sort of thing I usually photograph, so a bit more practice needed I think.

If you every happen to be walking along Bexhill promenade one sunny day, you may well bump into him.

All pics processed in Topaz B&W Effects 2 and Lightroom 5.3

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Skate till you break

Skate till you break

Got up early today to take a photo walk around Hastings. I decided to wander up to the local skate park as I’ve not really taken the time before to go shoot there. Took a bunch of shots before I found this piece of busted board, happy with my find I proceeded to take a number of compositions with it. This is one of my faves.

A word of warning though, Chuck Taylors’ are not best suited to slightly wet concrete, as yours truly went and slipped and bashing camera and knee. Luckily I seem to have gotten away with minimal damage to my camera but not so for my jeans which now have a lovely hole in.

Processed using Topaz B&W Effects 2 and Lightroom 5.

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