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This selection of photos formed part of a series that was produced for a client wanting a record of their old gold being made into a new ring. The original set are in colour but here I’ve chosen to show them in black and white as I think it helps to give a more timeless feel to the story.


Melting of the old gold.


After milling out, the gold is then annealed.


Shaping and soldering together.


Rounding up.


Filling in preparation for two further bands to be soldered on either side. The ring is to have a white gold centre with yellow gold outer rings.


Soldering together.


A pre-polish before adding a groove ( next photo)


Adding the final detail. The ring was then given a final polish and the white band was rhodium plated.

I hope you like this series, I thought it would be nice to show something a bit different.

All shots were taken on my Fujifilm X10 and processed in Topaz B&W Effects 2 and Lightroom 5.4

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