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Super deal-Topaz Labs bundle special offer

Hi everyone, I thought I’d let you know about a great new money saving deal currently being offered by Topaz Labs. They are knocking a whopping $100 off of their suite bundle, so you can now take advantage of all their great plugin products for just $199!
This offer is running from Today, June 24th until July7th, all you need to do is follow this link and enter the code “July4” at checkout.

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Mono Monday-Morgan

So I thought I’d continue with another shot taken a couple of Sundays ago at Bodiam castle for this weeks mono Monday. For this shot I got in close with a fairly wide angle (26mm on cropped sensor) to try and achieve a more dynamic view of this classic Morgan, keeping the aperture to a modest f8 to throw the background just out of focus to create a sense of depth. I still bracketed my shots due to the harsh sunlight but when it came to putting them all together in Photomatix, the top half being of soft focus did not work out at all well, with lots of nasty edges to be seen. I decided the best way around this would be to bring both the HDR version and one of the single brackets into Photoshop combining them using layers, then I gently erased the top half of the HDR image to reveal the single exposure underneath . So what you see above is a mix of both HDR and a single exposure.

The next step was to bring this back into Lightroom, where I used a combination of two or three of onOne software’s free plugins to convert to black and white, then I continued to tweak things until I was happy. HDR mono is not something I’ve really done before, I hope you like the result.

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Mono Monday-‘You’re not welcome’

Title-‘You’re not welcome’

This is a slight reworking of an older photo from a couple of years ago, taken at the dangerously derelict Lillesden school for girls. Originally it was a colour photo to which I added a mono layer to grunge it up a bit, the end result looking very muted and dirty. For this version all I did was to take that photo and convert it to mono, which I did using one of the free presets from onOne’s PerfectPresets plugin for Lightroom.

I quite like breathing a new bit of life into older pictures as they tend to get pushed to the back and forgotten about on sites such as Flickr.

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