RX118 morning launch

It was a stunning morning today and so, before work, I headed towards Hastings old town to see what opportunities were to be had. When there I headed for the beach and the fishing fleet.

As luck would have it, the three man team of RX118 had just started the process of readying the boat to be launched from the beach. All the boats at Hastings are launched in this way, being carefully pushed by bulldozer over wooden sleepers towards the sea.

I decided to stay and photograph the whole process, about 20-30 mins in total. On this occasion I asked the skipper if he minded me hanging about taking pics, of which he had no objection to, so long as I stayed a safe distance back.

I took around 100 pics in total but have managed to whittle it down to 24 to show here.

I’ve processed all the photos in my usual black and white style. Despite it being a glorious sunny morning, I believe the monotone helps make a stronger image.

*A big hello to the fellow photographer I  met on the beach and had a nice chat with. Hope you got some good shots too. *