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Photopostcard exhibition

Hi all, I’m very pleased to announce that two of my images have been selected for this years Art-on-a-postcard, a charity event to help raise funds for the Hepatitis C trust. People can purchase lottery tickets that will guarantee a one-off postcard sizes print along with a certificate of authenticity, but the photos received will be allocated randomly.

  All photos will be on display at theprintspace, Shoreditch from 12th – 24th October, along with many from great photographers including Martin Parr, Dougie Wallace, Liz Collins, Liz Orton, to name but a few. To find out more information and to buy a ticket, please click here.

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I created this weeks Movember self portrait to highlight mental heath problems.

Mental health problems can go undetected or untreated, often due to a lack of awareness. It is important that we raise awareness to help identify when there may be a problem and to throw off the stigma that surrounds metal health issues.

Mental health problems can come at any time, happen to anyone and are caused by many different reasons. For more information please click here.

Please visit my MoSpace page to make a donation if you can. Thank you.

The shot itself was set up pretty much the same way as last weeks Movember update, with just a slightly different positioning of the light. Additionally, the light was softened by positioning a white reflector in front of the flash head.

A thanks to my wife for applying foundation (to reduce the shine on my skin) and the writing.

Processed in Topaz B&W Effects and Lightroom 5.

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Growing a Mo for Movember


That’s right, I’ve decided to sign up for this years Movember to help raise money and awareness for men health.

The challenge is to start on the 1st November (tomorrow) with a clean shaven face and then simply grow a moustache for the rest of the month. I can’t remember the last time I had a wet shave but I reckon it could be getting close to 20yrs! I’ll also be taking a photo of the bottom part of my face each day to record my progress. I’ll post them to Twitter to save you all the trauma of having to view them here!

To find out more about this great cause then please visit my Mospace (clicking on the image above will also take you there). Donating is easy and can even be made anonymously if you so wish. Any contribution you wish to make no matter how big or small will make all the difference.


(Me before tomorrows shave).

Thanks for reading,