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Self (Movember half way mark)


For this weeks Movember update I decided to do a moody self portrait for a bit for fun. ūüôā

Processed using Topaz B&W Effects and Lightroom 5.

Recently a friend of ours gave me a studio flash and stand, so I decided that this weeks Movember update would be a good time to have a go at experimenting with a single light setup. This shot was taken using only the modeling lamp as I don’t currently have a¬†way to sync the flash to the camera (to be be purchased soon). Along with a sync cable/radio triggers I’ll be buying a shoot through umbrella to complete my basic flash setup. I was also given a speedlight as a birthday gift, so I have¬†plenty to get me started. Not having any of the extras at this stage, however, meant I had to use the bare¬†the light with no modifiers .

I’ve been taking photos for years now but being primarily a landscape/urban photographer, flash is something I’ve never really had to use much. Perhaps now is a good time to start expanding my knowledge.

If you wish to donate to this years Movember cause, please click here.

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