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Morning bliss at Winchelsea Beach

‘iso200 50mm 4sec at f16’

So it’s 5.30am Sunday morning and my alarm had just gone off.  With one thing and another it has been quite a while since I’ve had the chance to get up early to do some photography, but today I’m making a concerted effort to get out there. The weather this past week has been absolutely superb and is due to continue for a few days more, so I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to make the most of it. With camera bag all packed and ready to go I threw on some clothes, grabbed my hiking shoes and set off out.

‘iso200 50mm 4sec at f22’

Winchelsea beach is only about a 15-20 min drive from my house but even so, by the time I reached the car park it was already beginning to get light, though sunrise still was still some time to go. I grabbed my bag and tripod and quickly headed for the beach. Great, the tide was in and the waves were still gently lapping around the now rather worn wooden posts. This is one of those locations where you want the tide to be in if you want to get nice shots of water around the posts. It’s a great location when the tide is out too if long stretches of sandy beach is what you’re after.

I was a little worried about how the sky would look as there wasn’t a cloud to be seen, but there was just enough transition in colour to keep it interesting as long as I composed to have the horizon around  a third down from the top. In fact this is what I wanted as my aim was to get some long exposures to try to turn the water misty and add more atmosphere to the already gorgeous colours. The exposures for the most part were around 4-6 seconds at either f16 orf22, so certainly long enough for the water to blur but the sea was just a little too calm for my liking and I didn’t get as much mist as I would’ve liked, larger waves would’ve done the job.

‘iso200 50mm 4sec at f22’

As you can see I did move around a bit trying slightly different compositions, and after about half an hour or so and being quite pleased with some of the results I packed up my gear and headed back towards Pett Level and the old WW2 pill box…

4 thoughts on “Morning bliss at Winchelsea Beach”

  1. Absolutely worth the early rise! OMG…I planned to be awake at sunrise to try to get the early mist/fog that was promised – sadly I didn’t wake up like you did, what a great set of images, absolutely ‘JEL’ but love every shot – gorgeous colours and composition. Fabulous, so pleased you were able to get some togging done! What a result.

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