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Back alley revisit

The great thing about locations that attract graffiti artists is that they are constantly being changed. I took a visit to a back alley behind my local library in June of last year and was delighted to see such a photographic feast, with all sorts of art, tagging and detritus to hone in on. Looking at the version below shot in June of last year, you can see that all of the graffiti in this section has completely changed. The picture above was taken about a week ago and I decided that I would replicate my past attempt to see how the scene had changed. Somebody has also come along a tidied up all the rubbish that was scattered about the floor, which was nice as I didn’t see any rats this time.

I processed the version above without the intention of wanting to totally copy the first version but it turns out that I seem to like a certain look when it comes to this particular place as they have ended up looking very similar. There is a slight difference in light but that is because the shot below was taken on a bright day, whereas the shot above was taken in overcast weather.

I’m sure that in another six months time it will have totally changed again, I’ll definitely be making another visit to find out. So if you ever have been to a location and thought that you had photographed every possible angle you could think of, give it six months, maybe even a year and revisit it, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Oh and the first time I went here a pigeon pooped on my head. I got away with that this time.

7 thoughts on “Back alley revisit”

  1. Such vibrant graffiti! Awesome that it’s in a constant state of flux…would be interesting to see this as a continued series through time 🙂

  2. Great job on the revisit Dave! I really like the comp on this one much better. The leading lines, perspective, lighting and grafitti art are quite nicer IMHO.

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