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Getting started

So here it is, after many months of deliberation I’ve finally decided to start up a photoblog again. Some of you may be familiar with my work already from my personal website and/or . Visiting these sites is probably the quickest way to see the sort of photography I’m interested in.

Anyway, rather than waffle on about what the blog will include and what I will try to set out to achieve, lets get straight into things.

Please feel free to add the RSS feed to your fave reader.



4 thoughts on “Getting started”

  1. After seeing your flickr stream it was an instant subscribe 😉
    I’ll have a HDR tutorial series up in a few hours, if you want to take a look – feedback is always appreciated!
    Cheers from Munich/Germany

  2. Thanks! We appreciate that a lot 🙂 Our daily output is a bit low at the moment, we both have to prepare for important tests…. but I’ve got something scheduled for tomorrow morning 😉

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