Meet Boxhead.

Those who follow me will already have seen a few.

The idea was to create something quirky for days when inspiration is low. Having seen one of Banksy’s pieces of a child wearing a box drawing a robot, I decided to bring a similar sort of character to life.

Not sure where this is going at the moment, or indeed if it will go anywhere. I’m not trying to overthink it.

For now, Boxhead represents the anti-selfie.


Images not words (February review)

Wow, it doesn’t seem long ago that we saw in the new year, yet here we are in March already! How time flies.

Anyway, here’s another look through February’s pictures for my 366 project ‘Images not words’.

Things are still going pretty well, though there have been a few more times where I’ve had to resort to indoor studies.

Not a bad thing though as it does give me the perfect excuse to learn more on the craft of flash photography.

You can never have too much practice.


Images not words, January review

So here we are at the and of January and one twelfth of the way through my 366 project ‘Images not words’.

I thought it might be nice to put each months images together in a gallery as I quite like how the mosaic view presents them.

Some days have been more challenging than others but I think I’m beginning to get into the swing of it. It’s certainly exercising my mind and hopefully improving my skill as a photographer as well.

Lets see what February brings.

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Off the beaten track


‘Off the beaten track’

Innocent or illicit?

Assumption is the mother of all f**k-ups.

Had a short wander around Hastings earlier, saw that the alley behind the Observer building was open. Snapped these two, then went in.

Around the corner I would bump into a fellow photography enthusiast I know from Twitter but had never met.

We had a nice chat then parted company. I still only know him by his Twitter handle.

Walked back round to leave and spotted the two lads from earlier and asked if I could take their picture.

The result is today’s Images not words shot.

 A good day.


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‘Forlorn 2’


‘Forlorn 3’

As the nights draw in.

Darkness is my new friend.

My isolation is real.

In this freezing weather, alone.

My heart begins to slow.

My body grows cold.

No one to keep me warm.

No one to keep me warm.

Spotted these flowers struggling in the frost yesterday while looking for a pic for my 366 project.

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It came from outer space


‘It came from outer space’

I took our broken dishwasher to the tip, then headed off to pick up tickets to see Eddie Izzard from the De LA Warr Pavilion box office.

Whilst there, I took a quick look around their current exhibition ‘In the realm of Others’. Definitely take some time to have a look.

Obviously they enforce a no photography policy within the exhibition but I was taken with the view outside, looking through the blinds. No harm in taking a picture within the exhibition hall but not of the exhibits I thought.

What you see here is the concrete bandstand with one of the iconic domes behind.

Looks a bit like a futuristic spacecraft.