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My second post from Bexhill beach.

The thing that initially drew me to this composition was the arrangement of the rocks in the water but when I looked at the sky, that too seemed to almost mimic the shape below.

I usually like to get down low for my shots but for this one, I moved my tripod right into the water so that just the head and camera could be seen above the water line. It was only a shallow pool however, so easy for me to stand in with my wellies on. Alas, the water did pour over the top of my right boot near the end of the shoot though!

A pair of chest waders will be my next photographic purchase.

To achieve this shot and to get the smooth appearance on the water, I used my new ND8 filter coupled with an ND4 graduated filter to help balance the land and sky.

I do love how the smooth appearance on the water helps to give a sense of calm.