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A moment


‘A moment’

A moment to reflect .

A moment of peace. 

A moment to dream.

A moment to take in all that surrounds you. 

These moments help cleanse the soul. 

Savour them. 

I’m going through my catalogue again to see how I can better organise the gallery section. Initially I quite liked the simple idea of a mono and colour section. The problem in my view is that there is nothing to link the images, they are just a grouping of a few of my favourites. 

My aim is to group images within a particular theme and have them as sub-pages within a main portfolio page. I initially thought I could just sit down and get on with it but I realise that it’s something I’m going to have to chip away at over a much longer period. 

Curating ones own images is proving much more difficult than I had previously thought.