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So, a little while back I received an e-mail out of the blue from a chap named Tim Andrews. Having found me through Twitter and liking what he saw, he went on to tell me about his project “Over the Hill” and asked if I’d be interested in taking his picture. Tim was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a few years back and as a result took early retirement, he has since embarked on this rather fascinating artistic endeavour of being photographed by numerous people as his Parkinson’s progresses.  But, rather than me doing a bad job of telling his story here, I encourage you to follow the link above to read all about it.

As I write this, Tim has now been photographed by over 360 photographers. I am number 366.

After reading about this project and seeing such great images on his blog, I just knew I wanted to be involved. We agreed on a time and place and kept my fingers crossed for some good weather on the day.

The weather turned out to be fabulous and I had purposely chosen the date to co-inside with a low tide. In fact the weather was a bit too good and there was barely a cloud to be seen. Boring blue I thought.  Had I been photographing by myself I don’t think I would’ve come away with shots half as good as I did. On this occasion having Tim there as a subject really added a much needed interest to the pictures, changing the dynamics totally.

I had various ideas for posing Tim leading up to the shoot and the shot above, which Tim finally chose as his fave,  was the first to be tried. I provided the case as a prop with the idea of having someone looking out to sea, contemplating life, both past and present. Tim got this totally and was pretty much his main reason for choosing it to become part of his project.

Other ideas included using a flash umbrella as a visual prop, with the flash being taped up inside to illuminate him in an unusual way. Also we tried some shots of Tim dancing and jumping (both Tim’s suggestions) as the sun went down. I was pretty happy with the majority of shots but I narrowed it down to a final seven before sending them to Tim to make the final choice.

You can read Tim’s fantastic blog about our day here.

I have also put up a page here showcasing all of the images I sent Tim to choose from.

After a really enjoyable shoot we headed off to a local pub for a well deserved beer and some food.

I’m so happy Tim asked me to become part of his journey, it was a very memorable day.

 Thanks Tim!