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Beachy Head lighthouse


The iconic Beachy Head lighthouse, Eastbourne.

Originally I’d arranged to meet up with three other photographers for a mornings excursion but due to one calling off sick and another turning up but forgetting to pack the appropriate footwear, in the end just two of us ventured round. The weather had been awful all night and the rain didn’t stop until we had walked nearly half way round. Luck was on our side though and there was a break in the clouds just as the sun popped over the horizon. The tide times didn’t allow for much of a stay but it was just long enough for the two of us to grab a few shots and some that we were both pleased with.

Usually I use ND grads for my landscape work but having just acquired a new super-wide zoom lens, I haven’t yet been able to purchase a new filter system that will accommodate the larger filter thread. As a result, I had to resort to exposure bracketing for some of the more extreme contrast scenes, such as this one.

 Processed in Photomatix and Lightroom 5.

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