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Country scene

Country scene

A bit of a departure from my usual style.

Having looked at the image (below) edited in my usual style, I decided that there was something about it that I thought might lend itself to having a more painterly look. To me, the scene had a kind of  Constable look to it and keeping this in mind I decided to apply a cross processed film look, thinking that the colour shift would help to remove some of the reality. Additionally, I thought that by using one of my old photos of an old cobweb covered window I could, perhaps, emulate the look and feel of textured paper ( see bottom image). It did mean having to go into Photoshop however, something I’ve not used in quite some time, so a quick refresher was needed. I’ve created pictures before using textures but it’s not something I do very often. Also,  I have a personal rule of only using my own work for creating the texture, rather than using one of the many texture packs available on the web.

I’ve used this particular window shot a few times before but I always change it slightly to make it less obvious. This time I added it twice, with one being flipped horizontally.

I’m quite pleased with the result, I hope you like it too.



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4 thoughts on “Country scene”

  1. I really like these- especially your first image –great color!! I completely agree with your creating your own textures, etc- I do the same 🙂

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