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Nokia Lumia 925-camera test

So as some if you may know, last week Nokia sent me their Lumia 920 smartphone to try out and give opinions on its camera capabilities. Today I also received a brand spanking (yes, still in its wrapper) new Lumia 925 that Nokia kindly sent me also to try out as a camera. Taking a quick look at the specs of both phones there doesn’t really seem much to separate them, even from the front they look almost identical. Flip the phones over and small differences in design are apparent. The 920 has a shiny all plastic case whereas the 925 has a metal surround and what appears to be a plastic back, however the 925 has a textured finish giving it a nicer feel. The reduced weight is another difference of the 925, and as a result the phone does feel nicer in the hand. The camera lens on the 925 is placed similarly to that of the 920 nearer the middle of the phone. I would have preferred the lens on both to have been placed nearer the top as when handling the phones normally the palm of your hand coats the lens with all manner of greasy stuff, meaning that you inevitably have to wipe the lens before taking any pics.
So as you can see there are a couple of small ergonomic changes that have happened and for the better IMO.
The next thing that will be interesting for me to see is if there have been any changes in the performance of the camera itself. Both use what I believe to be the same 8.7MP sensor and Carl Zeiss lens. (It could well be a newly developed sensor, I do not know). What is evident from having a quick play with the 925 (I’m still giving it its first battery charge) is that there are a few new features to check out. Also I noticed that the ISO now goes up to 3200 whereas the 920 only goes up to 800,so this should make a considerable difference when shooting in low light. There’s also something called the Smartcam which as far as I can gather takes a small burst of shots when you press the shutter and then gives you the option to swipe through to pick and save the best one in the series. Could be useful.
Anyway, that’s as far as I’ve got for now, next step is to start shooting with it. We’re off to Harry Potter studios for my wife’s birthday this weekend so it’ll be a great opportunity to test out the low light capabilities of Nokia’s latest flagship phone.

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