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Nokia Lumia 920 camera test first pics

So here are a few of my first pics shot with the Nokia Lumia 920. I should start by saying that I import all my pics into Lightroom but here I did minimal adjustments, in fact just a bit of contrast and a crop on the colour images and cropping only on the mono ones. The colour pics were shot using the default camera app in 16:9 aspect but to me they didn’t suit the subject so I cropped to 3:2. I converted the mono shots using the Camera 360 app which I downloaded.
I’ve uploaded the full size jpegs for you to look at and I must say that the image quality is exceptional for a phone cam. It did suffer a little in high contrast situations where it’s dynamic range just can’t match that of larger sensors, but as you can see here there’s not much to grumble about in terms of IQ at this stage.






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