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Mono Monday-Performance break


A fresh off the sensor image today taken this weekend. After having to make a visit to the bank I decided that I would go for a walk along the seafront with my camera to see if anything would catch my eye. A bit of street photography to get my mind working. I had decided to go in super stealth mode taking nothing but my trusty Fujifilm X10 compact. No bags or tripods, the idea was NOT to look like a photographer. I just walked along, camera in one hand by my side, observing things as I went along. If I saw something I liked the look of, I would either shoot from the hip or quickly bring the camera up to eye level focus and snap, moving on straight after so as to not bring attention to myself. It’s quite a challenge and very hit and miss. I’m certainly no expert but it’s a lot of fun and something I try to do every now and then.
I certainly prefer black and white when it comes to people photos and this shot definitely called for mono.

I have been invited to be guest expert on the subject of monochrome photography over at the forum for the next four weeks, so hop on over and take a look at what the community is up to.

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