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Up early again

Yes, your truly managed to pull himself out of bed for another mornings shoot. This time I wanted to make some images at a stretch of beach between Hastings and Bexhill, having passed this beach many times on the train and seeing the large amount of rock exposed while the tide is out I had to make a visit. Once again the sky was too clear for my liking but this was not that much of a problem as there was more than enough going on in the foreground. I arrived at the beach while it was still dark to give me plenty of time to look for the best spot, and just as it was starting to get light I happened upon this area, where there was a nice mix of rock, sand ripples and water. Happy with my location I went about trying to find the best composition.

I was most pleased to find this patch where the sand and water seems to sweep around the bottom of the picture. I took this landscape version first then took the vertical shot (above). I like both versions but there is something about the vertical one that seems to connect the viewer to the scene even more,  a greater sense of ‘being there’ perhaps. Maybe that’s just me though.

Having tried a few different compositions I headed out to the waters edge in an attempt to get some misty water action, but alas the tide (once again) was too calm. Due to the increase in light my exposures were rapidly getting shorter and by the time I found this group of rocks I was lucky if I got a couple of seconds at f22.

All of this happened before the sun had got over the horizon; in fact when it did rise the atmosphere had all but evaporated and I ended up tripping the shutter only a couple more times. Happy with my results I packed up and headed for home and a nice mug of coffee.

9 thoughts on “Up early again”

  1. Gosh, it really *is* worth getting up early for sunrises like this, the light and colours are exquisite. I agree with you about the portrait format composition working particularly well, it really makes the most of those lead-in lines.

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