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Mono Monday- Seaside sweep

Title-‘Seaside sweep’

I’ve gone with a rather minimalist shot for today’s Mono Monday. This was taken at Birling Gap on the same evening as the previous post but at the end of the shoot just before we hit the pub. The light we had hoped for withered away leaving us with not much more than a drab grey sky, however, I thought I’d try to create some abstract shots by panning the camera during a longish exposure. I took about half a dozen in total with this being the most successful.

I was going to keep it as a colour photograph until I saw a recent post from my good pal Brian Matiash. Brian has been experimenting with minimalism in mono lately, and this prompted me to see how this shot would turn out if I did something similar. I think I actually prefer this to the original colour one, so cheers Brian!

For those interested I hand held the camera, panning it during a half second exposure at f22, iso200.

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