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The Double Plushie Murder

Our camera club decided to do a photowalk at Hastings old town last Tuesday night instead of meeting at the hall, though to be honest it was a little too early in the year as the light had already gone so we were just left with  street and flood lights. Though this is not altogether a bad thing, it would’ve been nice to have an hour or so of the last of the evening light to work with, especially as there are a number of beginners in our group. I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I would’ve liked because, as expected, I ended up helping out a couple of others with their cameras; which I am happy to do. It was a pleasant evening that turned into more of a social event, with a nice chat and a pint in the local angling club to wind the evening up.

This shot was taken on the beach where fishing boats, net houses(unique to Hastings), bulldozers and various other fishing paraphernalia can be found. These sorry looking teddies were hanging on the back of one of the dozers.


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