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I found this shot whilst going through my old pictures from Hellingly hospital and decided to process it differently to how I had done previously. I believe the chair was used to restrain disabled children during meal times to make life easier for both patient and staff, if anyone is more knowledgeable than I then feel free to leave a comment as to its proper use. Coming across an item like this in a derelict hospital does pull at the heart strings however and it was a feeling that I thought was best brought out by setting the white balance to fluorescent to give a more blue, sombre look. After that I then desaturated and darkened the brickwork to help pull the viewer straight toward the chair.

Olson (version 3) by Boards of Canada seems to fit the sentiment while viewing this photo.

7 thoughts on “Restraint”

  1. This just breaks my heart thinking of everyone who had to experience something like this. What a great capture Dave, and your processing is just wonderful. You’ve really brought the scene you were trying to convey to life, and you’ve done it very well. Wonderful.

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