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Memories of Hell Pt4

So here we are at my last tribute to Hellingly hospital. I will always have fun memories of sneaking into and walking around the many wards and corridors, and am glad that myself and many others got a chance to record and make so many great pictures.

Every now and then I like to add a little something to make a picture either fun of thought provoking, usually involving me somewhere in the frame. The shot above (taken April 08) was my first attempt. Seeing this children’s area gave me an idea to pop on the ol’ gas mask to give the scene a post apocalyptic feel, well that was the idea anyway. I work with dangerous chemicals so we have these gas masks on site, giving me easy access to a now very popular urbex prop.

(Above) I decided to have a bit more fun using a zombie costume that I had for a fancy dress party…No point in it sitting on top of the wardrobe collecting dust.  I ended up posting this pic for Halloween on Flickr and the over the top grunge look was achieved by using my colour/mono layer blend technique. Fun but silly. 🙂

A merry Urbex Christmas!

My friend Rob (on left) and I took another visit during December 09 and both came up with a the silly idea of getting a couple of Xmas hats to pose in. I thought doing a shot of us in the main hall looking like a couple of fools would be a fun shot and something I could post as an online Xmas card to all my fellow Urban exploration friends. Then I made another in one of the corridors.

Rob(left) Me(right) doing a Morcambe and wise pose. It was so cold that day.

So I’ll round off this post with just a few more ‘normal’ shots. Goodbye Hellingly, you’ll be missed.

Thanks for looking.


5 thoughts on “Memories of Hell Pt4”

  1. Nice tribute, thanks for sharing. Hope never to bump into you if wearing a zombie outfit…I think my first instinct would be to double tap. ;o)

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