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Memories of Hell Pt2

Fancy a bath? I thought not. I can’t explain what it is, but there is something strangely alluring about a disgusting rotten old bath, a least to my mind. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. Perhaps I should see a doctor.

For the most part I tend to work in colour, sometimes muted or combined with a mono layer, but every now an again I find that certain images work better having the colour taken away (left). Colours can be distracting at times and by removing it you simplify the scene helping the viewer concentrate on the main feature, as well as giving it that timeless quality that mono images seem to produce.

It is always good to get in close and concentrate on the small details too. Something I always have to push myself to remember.

The corridors in Hellingly were fantastic, after years of neglect the weather had taken its toll leaving them in a terrible state, some with the roofs caved in and with plenty of detritus over the floors. Navigating them was a real challenge on the first couple of visits, they were like a maze and we’d often find ourselves going round in circles.Corridor beside the main hall.

The shot above was taken in a darkened section as I wanted to get a view through the broken window to use it to act as a natural frame. I had to use the cameras pop-up flash set to low power to illuminate the door as my first attempt didn’t show it at all. The flash also helped pick out the edges of the glass.

Always nice to find a prop to use as a focal point, moved slightly into position by yours truly.

So I think I’ll leave this post here as there is a lot more to go through and I don’t want this post to go on forever. Next time I’ll show you some more of the great graffiti that was to be found.





6 thoughts on “Memories of Hell Pt2”

  1. Fantastic post Dave with amazing shots. I love seeing URBEX like this, such natural tones just lens to the decay so well. Beautifully done mate

  2. I made my first visit to Hell this weekend, unfortunately after the hall went. Great place, just wish I had gone earlier now. Love the last image above, nice composition.

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