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Getting in close


We all love getting the wide shots,  be it a sweeping landscape or a wide angle shot of a derelict corridor, you just can’t get enough of them. I know I can’t. For me it is always the small details that I seem to forget, not because I don’t see them, it’s just that I can get carried away in taking the whole scene. These days I make a concerted effort to look at all the angles, wide and close.

On the morning I found the trio of decaying cars I knew that getting in close could result in some interesting pictures, with lots of detail in the badges and rust to focus on.  For this shot I decided to get in really close with my 18-50mm at the 50mm end to really focus on the badge, while using an aperture of f2.8 would ensure the background would be nicely out of focus adding a sense of depth.

So don’t forget, get in close and get those details. Happy shooting.

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