Images not words (July review)

Pretty happy with how July went, In fact I think this has been my strongest month so far.

My thought are starting to turn towards what I might do with some of the images when this project comes to an end. I’ll most likely start to group specific types of pictures into groups and make collections out of those, or turn these into spin off projects. It would be nice to do something more with them if possible, like say a mini exhibition or a self published booklet. I think a full blown book is some way off yet.

Anyway, lots to keep me thinking about.

Pip pip.


Images not words, May review

Images not words for the month of May. Still heavily biased towards black and white and a lot more street themed work too.

Still happy with the work I’ve been producing on the whole. Only a couple of off days when I’ve been pushed for time or lacking ideas of where to go.


Images not words, April review.

I’m pretty happy with the work I’ve produced during April, to me it feels like a much stronger body of work when compared to the previous three months. It seems like I’m spending more time focusing on street subjects than anything else. Also, I seem to be favouring black &white for the final output for many of the images.

On April 2nd I did a location photo shoot for up and coming rock trio Idestroy, which was really fun and really got me thinking on my toes. They also kindly allowed me to use one of the shots for my daily post. The rest will be held back until they put something out themselves.

Pip pip.


Images not words (February review)

Wow, it doesn’t seem long ago that we saw in the new year, yet here we are in March already! How time flies.

Anyway, here’s another look through February’s pictures for my 366 project ‘Images not words’.

Things are still going pretty well, though there have been a few more times where I’ve had to resort to indoor studies.

Not a bad thing though as it does give me the perfect excuse to learn more on the craft of flash photography.

You can never have too much practice.


Images not words, January review

So here we are at the and of January and one twelfth of the way through my 366 project ‘Images not words’.

I thought it might be nice to put each months images together in a gallery as I quite like how the mosaic view presents them.

Some days have been more challenging than others but I think I’m beginning to get into the swing of it. It’s certainly exercising my mind and hopefully improving my skill as a photographer as well.

Lets see what February brings.