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Lunch hour


More images below.

So, it seems that everyday is now turning into a challenge to nab something for my 366 project ‘Images not words’. Some days are proving to be more difficult than others. So far in this month of February, I’ve had less time to get out and about with my camera, often coming home with little or nothing I feel worthy of posting. I guess this is all part and parcel of what it’s all about. On these occasions I’ve decided to use it as an opportunity to set up a quick tabletop lighting study to hone my flash photography skills. The pictures may not be that interesting to others but I’m finding it a useful exercise nonetheless.

This past Thursday however, I found myself with the opportunity to grab a decent lunch hour. So, with camera in hand and the sun shining brightly I decided to go for a brief walk around Pevensey castle and a nearby churchyard.

It was a welcome break and certainly helped blow away some cobwebs from my addled brain.

I got a few shots I was happy with to boot, including shot number 42 of ‘Images not words’. The rest are pictured below.